My favorite parties are long GFE bookings and multi-girl parties. Threesomes are the best.

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Location: Las Vegas » Las Vegas

There are two aspects of sexuality that I really enjoy: intimacy and control.

I love building shared sexual energy with a partner for an intense and meaningful experience. I enjoy sustained GFE interactions wherein we establish solid rapport and really escalate the potential for emotional and sexual satisfaction. I'm able to be in this industry only for brief and occasional interludes and I'm here because I'm passionate about people. Compassion and a genuine sense of connection are very important to me and I can honestly assure you that I'm not put off by any body types or different abilities. You are beautiful. I will experience you as beautiful.

I also have a control...thing. I love bringing a partner to the edge and keeping them there until they can't stand it anymore and then for a few heartbeats longer. Prolonged pleasure and delayed gratification are wonderful concepts, and I thoroughly enjoy feeling a partner shake and hearing them beg me to let them finish. Nothing gets me there more effectively than a partner's pleasure. At the risk of tempting some intellectual property concerns, I get off on you getting off on me. I'm into how into it you are.

Also, I get off on getting paid for this.

Also, I get off on social transgression.

Also, I'm just having a hell of a time here.

Fun footnotes! I'm a real, live bisexual; I don't do “gay for pay.” Couples are wicked-fun, and I'm all-in on single girls, too. I'm nerd-friendly, trans-friendly, fetish-friendly (I like shocky-toys but I'm curious to see what you can come up with – I'm into exploring), intellectual-friendly, virgin-friendly, disability-friendly, and friend-friendly.

I also offer sexless parties for partners that can't or would prefer not to have a traditional sexual exchange but who want someone with whom to be otherwise intimate. Lapdances are a thing. Warm oil massage is a thing. Cuddling and movie-watching is a thing. (I have queer and eclectic film preferences; feel free to bring your own DVDs or be prepared for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Machete, The Thing, and porn with Spanish subtitles that I can't actually quite read).

My favorite parties are long GFE bookings and multi-girl parties. Threesomes are the best. Ask me how.

Overnights are fun. I will absolutely fall asleep with my head on your chest. I am the most cuddly human.

I enjoy juxtaposing collegiate vocabulary and coarse vernacular. The best part of learning language is learning how to break it. Other hobbies include fine art photography and compositing, artistically cultivating awkward silences, and chocolate. Once you eat enough of a thing, it qualifies as a hobby. I think.

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